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Help Us BUILD UP a Colombian Pueblo!

I do believe Tourism helps countries Grow. The bottom line is that we live in a global, connected, village so isolation and exclusion will not work.


You can’t save some people by keeping out other people.


I think that the more tourists visit communities like these, and eat at the restaurants, and jet ski in the water, and hang out at the ice cream spots, the more money can flow directly into the community, and the daily lives of the people can be improved.


However, I also believe that, as you simultaneously develop the industry, you must find ways to develop the people as well.


It is integral to help them learn how to be able to capitalize on the new resources that are coming in, otherwise, those who do not know will end up massively outpaced by those who do know.

Image by Richard Brunsveld



Spend One incredible weekend exploring the beauty of one of our favorite pueblos.

leading to amazing experiences traversing the territory by Moto, bike or ATV, Jeep; and via the water led by our program coordinators and students.

You can engage in Mision-Oriented Tourism and Volunteer for a few hours in the community over the course of your trip.


ALL proceeds from these particular tours will go to directly to helping Connect to Colombia build up our favorite pueblos and fishing villages - starting in Ayapel, Cordoba.

In Ayapel, due to a lack of resources, it can seem like the community is at a stand-still… but anyone can see the potential in the people there.