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Q & A Day : Family of 5 to Bogota!

As a Colombian-Based Concierge and Lifestyle Executive Brand... we often come across AMAZING questions that we often like to share with our audience on an individual basis, however, we will be developing this new series of posts so that we can expand our reach ultimately and ultimately help more people.

If any of this information can potentially apply to you, here are some answers that we put together, based on our experience or to book a private call with a concierge:


What is the cost of living in Bogota for two people and three dogs?

Regarding the cost of living, CLICK HERE for the most recent numbers on costs and pricing of certain things like food, accommodation and more.

Regarding DOG FOOD, find out what company close to your house makes BARF - it’s usually cheaper that store-bought chow and way healthier. A great option in Bogota is BARF.BOGOTA You can tell them that we sent you!

What are the veterinary clinics like? Is it reasonable and cost-effective?

Our vets are cool… professional and not as expensive as I would have thought tbh - they’re about 4 mins walk from the apartment and open 24 hours. HERE'S a well-recommended Veterinarian in Bogota.

Is 1500-1800 USD per month enough for a family of 5?

Sure, it’s doable.

Eating out and entertainment are really what eat up a large portion of your budget. Since you are already coming with your lover, and not seeking to meet romantic interests… it will be much cheaper than the lifestyle of a single guy, for example.

Is knowing Spanish mandatory for teaching the kids at school?

Knowing Spanish is NOT mandatory for teaching the kids at school. In fact, it is preferred that you DON’T!

Our Connect to Colombia Partner Recruiters can help you find a job. Getting an English Teaching Job will be challenging if you're not from one of the following countries (U.S.A, England, South Africa, … as many times they don’t qualify people from certain countries like India, Africa, The Caribbean as native speakers, but you might get opportunities from IB Schools to teach math, science and stem or other subjects which pay way better.

Is keeping a pet sitter for the dogs while out for work affordable and safe?

It depends on your dogs- also if you’re lucky to find a place with a balcony on a high floor, you can crate train them to hang out and go on the balcony to handle their emergencies. I think a sitter is not expensive, it’s just a hassle…, especially in the am trying to organize pickup

Good luck and Welcome to Colombia!


Our Connect to Colombia concierges can help you with some of these queries. Book a Call:



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