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Top 10 Reasons To Charter A ConnecttoColombia Yacht

Anyone who’s ever been to Colombia could tell you two things:

  1. Make sure you call Jeremy from ConnecttoColombia for help on how to ENHANCE your Colombian experience.

  2. Definitely ask him about his luxury yacht charter add-on services

While the first point might be a little easier to grasp, as our key mission is in the name, you may be wondering what’s so special about Connect to Colombia’s yacht-charter services?

In this top ten, we’ll walk you through the reasons so you can determine for yourself if it’s something your group would be interested in.

Ultimate Freedom & Flexibility

Unlike a cruise, where you don’t have the freedom to go where you want or stay for as long as you want, our yacht charter opens up a whole new world of freedom.

You can choose from a list of hundreds of options and determine where you want to go, and what you want to eat. Your private chef is well-trained and knowledgeable with all aspects of nautical cuisine, but can also prepare meals for any palette.

Choose how long to stay and what to do. If you’re just loving a particular spot, and don’t want to leave just yet, simply delay your departure time.

When you charter one of our yachts, everyone’s on your schedule – you’re the boss.

A Unique Varied Experience!

Imagine waking up in a new place every morning, or eating supper in a new place every night. If you take a multi - day trip, you’ll have that option. Choose to explore the places you stop at, or simply admire the view from the comfort of your yacht.

There are some islands we can take you to where the vibe is just party, and others where your can just simply enjoy the peace of the ocean.

Snorkel, swim, or choose from a variety of water sports. Our guarantee is that You will never be bored when you charter a Connect to Colombia yacht!

Zero Experience Needed

If you hire a car to explore your holiday destination, you have to have a driver’s license. And you might have to deal with driving on the other side of the road, filling it up with gas, and a whole host of other annoyances.

When you charter a yacht, it doesn’t matter if your boating experience is absolutely nil! No license needed, no experience necessary. Your captain and crew will take care of that side of things, so all you have to do is relax… and have fun.

Million Dollar Wraparound Views!

I mean just check out those views. Don’t fancy a hotel room with a view of the carpark? Don’t worry…we don’t either. Not excited by your holiday apartment’s “sea view” that isn’t really?

When you charter a yacht, you - and every one of your guests - have a breathtaking, 360-degree view all day, every day.

Far From The Maddening Crowds

If packed-to-the-gills cruise ships don’t, well, float your boat, and the thought of crowded hotels and dining rooms full of screaming children gives you that sinking feeling, a yacht charter is a perfect answer to all of your problems.

Escape from the tourist traps and enjoy the peace and quiet of the ocean with your family and friends.

You can even choose our add-on security services to ensure that the only kayaking vendors who have access to you are the ones you choose, and not the ones that the tour company let on the boat.

Guaranteed Relaxation

No tacky tour buses, no traffic and definitely no road rage! It’s just you, the warm sun, the gentle breeze and the soothing lap of the ocean against the hull.

We can’t forget to mention: fresh, clean sea air and a complete absence of stress.

Not many holiday options can offer all that.

Expert Local Knowledge

When you charter a yacht, you can tap into the vast local knowledge of the captain and crew. Ask about where you can find the best seafood restaurants, the funkiest live music or the most secluded bays for swimming.

Hassle-Free Travel

Enjoy the easy relaxation of visiting multiple destinations without having to check in and out of hotels, catch numerous taxis, and pack and unpack your bags. With a yacht charter, your chosen destinations come to you and not the other way around!

Enjoy Amazing Deals

Owners of charter yachts want our amazing Connect to Colombia clients on board, so they work with their charter company to make sure they offer competitive rates, especially during out-of-season holiday times.

Great For Family Reunions and TeamBuilding

Of course, yacht charters aren’t just for holidays. They make incredible family bonding and team-building options too.

When you’re relaxed and in beautiful surroundings, communications and ideas flow more naturally.

Hopefully, this has given you some great ideas of how you can more successfully ENHANCE your Colombian experience with Connect to Colombia yacht charter.


If you’d like any other pieces of advice about visiting or living in Colombia, let’s talk. I can personally help you formulate a practical strategy for your personal, work, or travel experience, and show you how to fully ENHANCE your travel experience so we can tweak plan to better fit your lifestyle and your budget.

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