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On March 21st, 2022 I landed in a place not only would change my life for the better but little did I know I found my version of paradise. In the famous words from Fantasy Island, “Welcome to my island!” WELCOME TO SANTA MARTA, COLOMBIA!

This beautiful historical city is located right off the Caribbean Sea and is the oldest city in Colombia and the entire Americas.

In this city, you can see that nature created the perfect balance of the mountains... the valley to the Caribbean Sea. The historical district offers a vibrant vibe to the city’s personality. There you will find the shopping, the court building, and the nightlife where you will find great dining to dancing to reggaeton and salsa, the historical district has everything you are looking for.

If you're looking for something more NATURAL... you HAVE to visit Tayrona National Park. We've added that park to our list of the BEST NATURAL ZONES in Colombia. You should download the guide if that is something you would like to experience.

Let's Talk about the Beaches

Then there are the beaches! Located right on the coastline of the Caribbean Sea, the tranquil vibe this city offers can calm down Godzilla. One would have the perfect blend of a festive atmosphere and a beautiful sunset that will create photos that your friends will envy.

So, when booking your travels to Colombia, Santa Marta is must-consider


For more on Santa Marta or to connect with one of our Santa Marta Concierges... book a call!


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